I successfully developed the medicine of "immortality" (Yin and Yang Daquan) 

How is a good traditional Chinese medicine practitioner trained? There is a saying in China that a long illness makes you a good doctor.I remember when I was 5 years old, after a cold and fever, my tonsils were inflamed and swollen, I couldn’t drink and eat, and the pain was unbearable. An old doctor of a traditional Chinese medicine opposite my house told my father, "Put 30 grams of sesame oil in a pan to heat it up, then put 30 grams of raw rhubarb in the pan and fry it in the oil, take it out after it is burnt, put an egg in it and fry it for a while. After I ate it once, my tonsils really didn't hurt anymore. It's much faster than going to a modern hospital to line up, do a skin test, and get penicillin injection. It saves money and is safe. Besides, I have been wetting the bed since I was a child. I have a habit of constipation. I have no bowel movements every morning, and I feel uncomfortable. I sometimes hit my head against the wall to reduce the pain. My mother often uses soapy water and fingers to help me. Later, the old doctor said that my body was too hot to eat spicy food. He stuck a plaster on the acupuncture point of the neck called Wei Dawei (plaster made of herbal powder). The problems were gone. Traditional Chinese medicine is really amazing. This experience has laid the foundation for me today, more than 50 years later, to invent the method of immortality.

Everyone wants to live forever. It can be said that all the pharmaceutical factories in the world will invest a lot of effort and financial resources to continuously develop such drugs and develop towards the direction of extending people’s life. In the 5,000-year history of traditional Chinese medicine, many ancestors of traditional Chinese medicine have emerged and worked hard to explore. I am no exception. Following their footsteps, I have been working hard in this direction for more than 20 years, adding or subtracting the existing Chinese patent medicine formulas and adding traditional Chinese medicines to pass through the classics to make a breakthrough. For example, I have developed "The Great Song Dynasty Enriching Yang Daquan, the Great Song Dynasty Nourishing Yin Daquan, the Great Song Dynasty Pingbuping and Diarrhea Daquan, the Great Song Dynasty Balancing Cervical Vertebra Health Tea" and so on. A few decades ago, I first classified people according to their physical constitution, and repeated additions and subtractions, repeated clinical trials, but without much progress, my mind was blank. Occasionally, I watched the Japanese movie "The Pursuit". In the play, Dr. Tang Red developed a medicine called AX granules, which can paralyze the central nervous system of people and block the nutritional supply of the brain, making people in a state of excitement and loss of energy. Memory, obedient like a robot, and finally turned into dementia, he took the opportunity to kill more than 20 people.

Although this is a negative example, I was inspired by the positive, developed ideas, and reversed research. By sending medicine to the cervical spine, I looked for an empirical prescription for the treatment of cervical vertebrae joints, and screened out the medicine with the most ingredients as the medicine to open up the central nervous system. , but also eliminate the drugs that are banned in European and American countries, and add and subtract slightly on the basis of this drug to form a new traditional Chinese medicine formula, which is also suitable for China's drug compatibility, monarch, minister, assistant, ups and downs, four qi and five flavors, etc., and then in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia The animal medicine with strong medicinal power was found, and finally it was determined to be the authentic Shandong medicinal material in China: centipede and scorpion are medicines for menstrual circulation, also known as "Dragon and Tiger". Two years later, there was little effect, because these medicinal materials were artificially cultivated, and the medicinal power was not enough, and they were tangible and tasteless. Later, I went deep into the production areas and manufacturers in China, and bought wild animal medicines. The jargon calls them "over the winter". If there is a wild growth period of more than one year, the medicinal power is indeed 10 times stronger than that of the farmed ones. However, with the resources scarcity, it is difficult to guarantee a large-scale supply.What to eat to make up for what, and then I think of the backbone of the cow. The Dutch cows are famous all over the world. No one knows that the main reason behind their fame is the credit of the bulls. The task of the bulls is full-time breeding. The Dutch bulls have straight backs, tall and strong backs. The average lifespan of other bulls is only about 20 years. The average life expectancy is about 25 years. If there is no good bull breeding, it will be difficult to ensure the quality of milk production and offspring. Each bull has more than five generations of "family" file registration. This is the core secret of Dutch cattle breeders, plus the abundance of water plants in the Netherlands. The air is sweet and the fertile soil is captive. Therefore, the dairy products of the Netherlands can be called the world's best, and it also indirectly makes the Netherlands the world's first height per capita. In this way, I entrusted a friend to buy the vertebrae of a bull as an introduction to the medicine. After boiling the soup for 24 hours, the bones were all broken.At the beginning, my nose was bleeding, my skin was itchy, my body was numb, my genitals had priapism, my stool was dry and bleeding, the side effects were strong, my mind was in a state of excitement, and I couldn't return to normal within a month or two. Many volunteers have also taken this phenomenon. , but only the severity of the performance is different, I added a Chinese herbal medicine: Chibaishao, which not only has the effect of cooling and clearing the blood, but also restricts the dryness of the beef bones. After several years of repeated trials, the final shape is called "Song's Balance Cervical Vertex", which is mainly composed of four kinds of medicines: centipede, scorpion, bull vertebrae, and red peony root.

In 2010, I shared this achievement at the World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yu Qing, the former vice minister of health and chairman of the China Federation of China, watched my products in the audience and listened to my legendary formula and research process, said:”Vigorously dig, I admire your research spirit.” After the meeting, the directors of many pharmaceutical factories in Shenzhen and Changzhou chased after the hotel room where I was staying, and offered to cooperate or transfer, but I refused. In recent years, my drug has become more and more effective in clinical application, and it is used in a wider range. It is my ace drug. It is a rare "panacea" for treating headaches and colds in mild cases, cancer and tumors in severe cases, and disease-free health care. Long-term use has no side effects.Several Dutch women in their 50s who suffered from infertility were in menopause, and they got pregnant after taking my medicine. Several impotence patients in their 60s were cured by taking medicine, and all the patients were left behind their thanks letter. You can visit my website and search. During this epidemic, I also used it in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. It reflects four effects: 1: disease-free disease prevention, strong body, improve immunity, and effectively prevent the infection of new coronary pneumonia. 2: After the illness, the virus can be quickly vented through sweating and restore health, but people with underlying diseases who are taking western medicine will have a slower effect. 3: Patients who have been treated by western medicine have left a lot of sequelae, such as: insomnia, tiredness, depression, loss of appetite, etc., and they are quickly improved after taking my medicine. 4: The sequelae left after vaccination, such as hemiplegia, cold limbs, joint pain, etc., through dredging liver and kidney function, detoxification, and enhancement of lung capacity, the condition improved significantly within one or two weeks.My special medicine has cured 40 or 50 patients with new coronary pneumonia, one, and one good, and these people are not cured by Western medicine, and the cost of treatment is very low. I had a sudden idea: to make the secret recipe public, so that ordinary people can benefit. China has a population of 1.4 billion, and there are more than 7 billion in the world. Even if half of the people have taken it, I, a Chinese medicine practitioner, will have no regrets in my life. In the near future, there may be a place in the Chinese medicine industry among the world's top 500 companies. Originally, there is no panacea for immortality in the world, it is just a wish of people, and it can be called a "panacea", at least the following three criteria must be met: "Any disease can be cured; a large number of people take this drug; Long-term use has no side effects.” I think my medicine has reached this standard. It has been used repeatedly in clinical practice for 20 years, and the curative effect is stable. I boldly and without modesty said: my "Yin and Yang Daquan" can also be regarded as "the panacea". I dare to PK with any traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine on the market today. Currently, this formula is also being patented in China.

Song Chunxi, a traditional Chinese medicine physician of Song Dynasty Medicine in the Netherlands, excerpted from "Song's Balance Chiropractic"

I have successfully corrected the imbalance of testicles, nipples
New coronary pneumonia, impotence, mastitis, fatty liver and other intractable diseases can refer to this treatment

Last year, a urologist in Norway introduced the CEO of a company to see me here, and his wife and children also came. He suffers from impotence, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia and other diseases, and the woman suffers from the sequelae of new coronary pneumonia, breast cancer, insomnia and other diseases, and now relies on a ventilator to maintain sleep. On examination, her breasts, one large and one nipple were absent, the left breast was severely shrunk (see photo), and their child was 15 years old, suffering from insomnia, autism, and had difficulty concentrating in class (women and children's Treatment results will be resolved next time).

I checked the man's pulse, the right pulse is a solid pulse, the pulse comes and goes, all three are strong, melancholy, irritable and restless, the left is a weak pulse, the three are weak, and the heavy press is soft and empty. The feeling of opening, the two pulses are seriously unbalanced, and the data on both sides are not the same as measured by the sphygmomanometer. I gave him the diagnosis: spinal curvature, related to liver and kidney yang deficiency. I advised him to stop taking western medicine, because I knew that taking western medicine for another 20 years would not be able to cure his disease, but it would damage the liver and kidneys. Generally speaking, western medicine should be taken for up to 1 year. If it doesn't help, don't take it. Western medicine can only control the disease, not cure it, and there are many side effects.            

In the first week, look at the picture week1: the testicles of the patient are in a state of upper left and lower right, and the scrotum is also thick-skinned and small, with a typical imbalance, which is the manifestation of the testis evolving into a hidden nest. Causes swelling of the liver and curvature of the spine. I found the pain points on his back spine, Dazhui and Changqiang points, etc., and then acupuncture and plaster, and also used "Song's balance therapy" massage, and took special Chinese medicine pills. In the second week, look at the picture in week 2: the patient's two testicles have obviously returned to their normal positions, and the pulse imbalance has also improved. The patient reported that his insomnia had improved greatly , he could sleep at least 4 hours a night, his appetite had improved, and his libido had increased. Look at the picture week3: The patient's two testicles have returned to their normal positions. But a new problem arose: the black and white colors of the scrotum are not balanced, like a yin and yang diagram, and the black side is the congestion caused by the varicocele. The patient reported that he had intercourse 3 times this week. He was very happy, but very tired, and the left testicle was constantly cramping and twitching. I told him that it is not recommended to have too many intercourse in his 50s. It is very important, preferably once a week, and once every two weeks for people in their 60s. In short, be flexible and don’t feel tired. Continue conventional therapy, and add additional pills for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. In the fourth week's picture 4, the patient's two testicles have improved in position and color, and the color contrast of the yin and yang map has also faded, and the routine therapy is continued. In the fifth week's picture 5: the position and color of the patient's two testicles were basically normal, and the data on both sides measured by the sphygmomanometer were almost the same. After reading the data, he was convinced and moved to tears. However, the problem of thick skin and small eggs in the scrotum has not been resolved. I gave him another month's pills (medicines for aggravating congestion and removing phlegm and dampness) at home to consolidate the curative effect.

 When the patient returned to Norway, he told his urologist about the treatment. The doctor gave him a comprehensive examination. The result was relatively healthy. When he compared the testicular photos of the patient, he said: God, a small clinic, a needle, and a handful of grass can solve your years of illness, and our hospital has the most advanced medical equipment and a large number of medical experts and professors but can't help you. In fact, this is what I think: This patient has been taking western medicine for 10 years, leaving behind various sequelae, and the minor illness has turned into a serious illness. It is this enlightened western doctor who supports him to try Chinese medicine, and he is the noble person in his life. Why do I say this? In my nearly 30 years of clinical work, 98% of Western doctors disapprove of stopping Western medicine, because they simply do not believe in Chinese medicine. I am the founder of Song's balance therapy, specializing in intractable diseases. I have cured a lot of patients like him. For me, it is only a piece of cake, but it is the first time that I have recorded such details with pictures. I am very thankful to the patient for their cooperation. Western doctors always say that Chinese medicine has no scientific basis. This time I have left convincing and valuable evidence, which proves the profoundness and greatness of Chinese medicine, and it is also worth empathy for Western doctors.

Again, testicles, breasts and nipples are important parts of human health, but the two functions are different. I have only heard that one breast can be removed and one can live, but I have never heard that one testicle can be removed. For example: A bull in Africa can fight a group of wild dogs for three days and three nights, no winner or loser. Once the testicle is bitten (the pottery anus), the bull will die immediately in three minutes, which shows the importance of testicles in life. Because its structure is too sophisticated, complex and unpredictable, the world medical science still has little understanding of it, believing that the asymmetric testis is normal. In fact,  the asymmetric testis is an important sign of human health.                                                    

Chunxi Song Traditional Chinese doctor   2022-02-22