1. Depression can be cured, refund if no cure. Depression: It is a disease caused by emotional discomfort and stagnation of Qi. Mainly manifested as depression, emotional restlessness, flank pain or irritability and crying, foreign body obstruction in the throat, insomnia and other complex symptoms, neurasthenia, hysteria, mental depression and menopausal syndrome in modern medicine, etc. All can be treated according to the syndrome differentiation. Types: (1) Liver-qi obstruction, stagnation, sternocostal distention, sighing often, hiccups. (2) Obstruction of phlegm and qi, if there is something obstructed in the pharynx, chest tightness. (3) Hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency, dizziness, less sleepiness, upset and irritability, nocturnal emission and low back pain, etc.

2. Covid-19 can be cured, refund if no cure. New coronary pneumonia: It is a common exogenous disease with main clinical manifestations such as influenza, wind pathogens invading the human body, causing headache, nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing, aversion to cold, and fever. They can happen in all four seasons, especially in winter and spring. Generally, mild cases are called colds, and severe cases are called severe colds, which are highly contagious diseases. Those who are called common colds and colds can refer to the syndrome differentiation and treatment of this disease. Classification: (1) Wind-cold type: severe aversion to cold, fever without sweating, headache and body pain, heavy nasal congestion, runny nose, cough with thin sputum. (2) Wind-heat type: Fever, slight aversion to wind, sore throat, dry mouth and thirst, cough with yellow phlegm. (3) Dampness type: more common in summer with colds, both severe dampness, irritability, thirst, short urine, chest tightness, dizziness and bloating. (4) Deficiency and cold: aversion to cold and fever, cough with white phlegm, fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath and lazy speech, thirst and dry throat.

***I am the first doctor in the world to propose that the Covid-19 is influenza. This disease has a lot to do with the climate. It has existed in the past, it exists now, and it may exist in the future. It is all treated according to stomach flu. As early as when Covid-19 broke out in Wuhan, I returned to China and made a suggestion, requesting treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, and then wrote to the Dutch Ministry of Health, saying that it was influenza and could be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Two years later, it was confirmed by Europe and the United States. During this period I cured 50-60 patients.

3. Cancer can be cured, refund if no cure (first free treatment, and then contract treatment)Cancer: It is a common chronic, progressive, diffuse disease caused by liver and kidney weakness. Its pathological characteristics: extensive degeneration and necrosis of immune cells, diffuse proliferation of fibrous tissue, and the formation of regenerative nodules, which destroy the normal hepatic lobular structure and blood vessels, and cause the liver to gradually harden and become cancer. Clinically asymptomatic in the early stage In the later stage, various manifestations of visceral dysfunction, hypertension and multi-system disease may appear. Such as: lymphoma, uterine cancer, laryngeal cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, etc. can refer to this treatment.

4. For those who cannot be cured in the hospital for a long time, those who rely on western medicine to cure, we can cure them with the secret ancestral recipe.