Yesterday I saw her jumping around, talking and laughing, but today she is lying in the morgue of the hospital, and there is a lot of discussion among my patients. The patient's name is Sarah, now 65 years old, suffering from lymphoma. The treatment in major hospitals in the Netherlands failed. In the end, the doctor told her that she would not live for 20 days. She wanted her family to be prepared. The "Song's Balance Therapy" for cancer has a unique effect. I checked her. The left side is the solid pulse, and the right side is the virtual pulse. It is caused by the typical curvature of the cervical spine. I suggested that she stop taking western medicine and switch to traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. A miracle happened. Her condition improved greatly. After 5 weeks, she basically returned to normal. After that, she could go on vacation, ski, swim, and travel like a normal person. When the epidemic broke out, she still insisted on coming to me for treatment. Now, she has not been vaccinated or infected. Two years later, when she went for a re-examination, the doctor said that the cancer cells were still there, so she had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. Unable to resist persuasion, after surgery and chemotherapy, she still insisted on taking Chinese and Western medicine at the same time, and passed away soon. I am very sad for it. The side effects of western medicine are far greater than that of traditional Chinese medicine.        

Western medicine said that she can live for 20 days at most. I can make her live 3 years or even 20 years longer. Western medicine asked her to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. The operation was successful, but the person was gone. I question whether the treatment concept of modern western medicine is scientific? Is it reasonable? And the only solution?       

I met a patient 10 years ago. He was in his 30s. He was a university teacher. His name was Paul. He has advanced gastric cancer, the doctor said he could live for 1 month, but after two months of my treatment, he miraculously improved. In the past, he used a catheter to introduce some liquid food. Now he can eat in a big bowl. He used to have diarrhea 5 times a day, but now it is once a day. It's normal, and the quality of sleep has greatly improved. He asked me if he can make love? I said yes, but not too much, once a week, and he was planning to get married in the future.

Later, the hospital checked him. The doctor said that the cancer cells were still spreading. He advised him to do the operation as soon as possible while he was in good health. He couldn't stand the persuasion. For the sake of safety, he chose to take Chinese and Western medicine at the same time, but he died after the operation. I'm sad for it.       

Clinical experience tells me that if a person with weak liver and kidneys and a non-straight back takes western medicine containing a lot of various chemical components, it will not only be indigestible, but also cause side effects. Don't Western doctors know about these common sense? People with healthy liver and kidneys and a straight back should not take western medicine for a long time neither. By treating cancer with chemotherapy and other chemicals, other new diseases keep appearing with endless problems. It continues to damage the liver and kidneys, and the bones shrink. In some cases, the thighs and hips are replaced, finally sit in a wheelchair until die early. In daily life, such examples are common.      

I remembered a jingle: Western medicine makes you die clearly; Chinese medicine makes you live in confusion.         

Enlightenment: If I were the patient or the patient's family, if I had a choice, I would definitely choose Chinese medicine for treatment. It can be seen how important it is to popularize knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Founder of Balance Therapy: Dutch TCM physician Song Chunxi     June 30, 2022